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Velocity Visibility Proximity Relevance

December 10th, 2009
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This is mostly soft and gooey.

While companies are wondering/worrying about what to do with social media for marketing, I’m thinking already about which forces are at play in moving information through our heads, through systems, through clusters of friends along trusted paths. I’m thinking about velocity of information, visibility (or rather, the filtering), proximity (and how location changes everything) and relevance (should I even be bothered)?

We’ve had two years to mess around with profiles, with friending behaviors, with making the advertising data flow into the old stuff that was lying around.

But those aren’t really the problems/challenges/opportunities, are they? How fast can information be made “firm?” How can we move information from tweets to validated information that’s useful?

How can we hide information that doesn’t matter? I don’t read all your tweets. Why should I?

When can we work on where information matters?

When can we work on making things more “touchable” and linked between the web and the world?

Those are the problems all of us who’ve figured out social media should get working on. Screw making a new Twitter-killer, okay? Work on the problems of making this storm manageable. Yes?

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